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DAY-TRIPPIN: A multi-purpose blog of many varieties, mostly documenting the various adventures, interests and endeavours of me, Alexander (or “Ryan” Alexander, as I’ve come to identify myself for years), and my dad Arkadi. We are two people living in a small community north of the Greater Toronto Area, with ambitions and hobbies somewhat unique for people like ourselves.

I was introduced to vinyl records by my parents back in late 2006/early 2007 – my parents got me a Numark TTUSB for my birthday in 2007, and I’ve been an avid vinyl collector ever since. I am greatly interested in a wide variety of musical genres, and indeed, I’m always open to discovering new artists to expand my musical palette. I’m also a crazy multimedia artist who composes and plays my own music, draws cartoon art and does computer programming (mostly in the area of Lingo, Adobe/Macromedia Director’s programming language, where I am extensively knowledgeable). I post such things as talks on adventures in computing, my musical tastes, album critiques and art and cartoon talk among other fascinating things.

My dad’s hobbies include TIG welding, engineering, tinkering with cars, gardening and photography, and, of course, all sorts o’ tech, so expect to find posts about these topics on this blog as well. Together, we are a happy and inseparable duo – we share between each other a good amount of tastes in the fields of music and arts.

We are also in the process of cleaning out our home as a first step to getting it into tip-top shape, and as we clean, we find lots of different items we can sell on eBay and Kijiji, so this site will be cross-linked with our accounts on both of those sites. Check them out; we have some interesting stuff for sale!

Hope you enjoy the many things we have in store on our blog!


Alexander V.
June 2, 2014

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